Bright Sheng: String Quartet No. 5, "The Miraculous"

2 Vn, Va, Vc

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Additional Info

  • Composer
    Bright Sheng
  • Publisher
    G Schirmer Inc
  • Arrangement
    String Quartet (STR QUARTET)
  • Format
    Score and Parts
  • Genre
    20th Century


For string quartet. The subtitle, "The Miraculous," is inspired firstly by the passion and virtuosity of the Emerson's String Quartet, for whom it was written. The second inspiration comes from Bela Bartok's Miraculous Mandarin Suite, with its swift change of images and constant varying of the tempi-in many sections, almost every measure is in a different tempo. String Quartet No. 5 is based on two very different musical motifs, like two strangers from different cultural backgrounds who meet and become fast lovers. Throughout their courtship, neither of them changes but they get to know and understand each other on a much deeper level. Most importantly, they learn to happily live with each other. — Bright Sheng

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