Sarah Kirkland Snider: How Graceful Some Things Are, Falling Apart (mezzo version)

for mezzo-soprano and piano

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Additional Info

  • Composer
    Sarah Kirkland Snider
  • Publisher
    G Schirmer Inc
  • Arrangement
    Mezzo Soprano/Piano (MEZ/PF)
  • Format
    Vocal Score
  • Genre
    20th Century
  • Text
    Jonathan Breit


for mezzo-soprano and piano

Commissioned by Yale New Vocal Works

Composer Note
This song, which sets text by Jonathan Breit, is an attempt to give expression, in some way, to the unfathomable trauma of 9/11. I envisioned a sense of grace in how New York came together to rescue and heal itself, something I experienced firsthand living in lower Manhattan when the event occurred. I’ve never experienced the kindness and support of strangers as I did on that day and in the difficult months that followed, and I thought of this as I wrote the music.

How graceful some things are, falling apart.
Stopped clocks, a dancer tumbling, or a breaking heart.
A missing child, an empty plate,
the rust on a lost wind-up toy.
A shattered glass.
Or looming towers crumbling
into dust.

— Sarah Kirkland Snider

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