Du Yun: Run in a Graveyard

For bass flute and audio recording

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Additional Info

  • Composer
    Du Yun
  • Publisher
    G Schirmer Inc
  • Arrangement
    Flute/Electronics (FLT/ELEC)
  • Format
  • Genre
    20th Century


For bass flute and audio recording

Composer note
Imagine, one afternoon you go into a graveyard, any graveyard in total silence and stillness, you start to run, run so fast that your feet almost lifted…

a beating heart
hot blood in the veins
moving through the air, with the feet arching over the earth

after a while
the motion and the stillness are inseparable
and incongruous

the presence of stillness
at the heart of movement
of repose at the heart of the race
of respect within transgression

the flying objects
the inseparable, you are the dead, the dead is you,
you feel the long-gone intimacy, you love each other at that moment.
— Du Yun

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