Donnacha Dennehy: Stainless Staining

piano; tp

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Additional Info

  • Composer
    Donnacha Dennehy
  • Publisher
    G Schirmer Inc
  • Arrangement
    Piano/Live Electronics (PF/ELEC)
  • Format
  • Genre
    20th Century


For piano and tape. Commissioned by Lisa Moore. The soundtrack is made up of samples of a piano (played both normally, and "inside") retuned to provide a massive harmonic spectrum of 100 overtones based on a fundamental low G#. This reflects an increasing recent concern of mine with a kind of pulsating, rhythmic use of the overtone series. That concern can range from a rather extreme concentration in this piece and Bulb (a piano trio where pulsing glissandos connect nodes in the harmonic series) to a more integrated approach in the large scale vocal and instrumental pieces, where that approach is used often in a looser fashion only in particular areas.

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