Josef Holecek: Two Folk Songs in Tremolo


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  • Composer
    Josef Holecek
  • Publisher
    G Schirmer Inc
  • Arrangement
    Guitar (GTR)
  • Format


Two Folksongs in Tremolo includes Waltzing Matilda, an Australian folk tune, and O Sole Mio, a Neapolitan folk song, both arranged for solo guitar by Josef Holecek.

Holecek arranged Waltzing Matilda during his concert tour in Australia (recitals, radio recordings, master classes) in 1977. He performed it at some of his recitals there as an (much appreciated) encore piece. O Sole Mio was premiered by Holecek at his recital in Gothenburg Concert Hall, Sweden, on January 26, 1981.

Note from the composer:
The whole of O Sole Mio should be written in 2/4. The 4/4 bars in the first section of the arrangement work as fermatas, breathers creating a feeling that one is just telling a story, quietly, without any rush. Most important: The song should be played in tempo rubato. Yet, to execute accelerando and ritardando when playing tremolo is rather difficult. — Josef Holecek

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